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AFX  Studios Inc. offers prop fabrication, parts duplication, rubber weapons, thermo form services, fiberglass manufacture, Luminore metal finishes, custom molds and low part runs in a wide range of materials. Quick turnaround jobs are our specialty.


We specialize in vast materials knowledge and cutting edge techniques. Let us recommend a product to meet your special materials needs. AFX can employ any number of skill sets such as digital files construction, CNC milling, rapid prototypes, RTV molds, urethane foams, lathe work and custom finishes meeting the challenge head on.


Working in the motion picture industry for more than twenty years allows us to fully understand the needs of our client’s short time frame and product reliability issues. Please contact us to discuss your future prop fabrication requirements.

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Metal Fabrication of Copper with 18K GoldMetal Fabrication of Copper with 18K Gold Digital Model, Welded Frame and CNC Enlarged Fish Sculpture EPS Foam for Mccormick and Schmicks Seafood Foam Carving Fiberglass and Luminore Copper and Nickel-Silver Finish Futuristic Control Board 25 ‘ Wig Span Dinosaur Bird for Tradeshow Exhibit Prosthetic Claw Arm for Movie Actor

Cast Pewter Microphone Cubes for WWE Rubber Weapons Molds Finished Foam Brain with Hard Coat and Paint for Museum Exhibit Trade Show Exhibit CNC Milled Foam with Custom Base Movie Props for Cartoon Network Carved Foam Over Steel Frame with Hard Coat. Used for Music Video Soft Foam Prop for Circus Act

Pink Pig Train Prop Soft Foam Toy Costumes Operland TN Atlanta Ballet Nutcracker Mask and Dolls Oversize Shipping Box Prop U.S Military Promotional Sculpture Medical Halo Prop Georgia Tech Buzz

Shock Collar for Dogs Prop Military Shield CNC Milled Sign with Texture Bronze and Gold Leaf Lathe Turned PartsT4 Weapons Fronts for Coaster T4 Weapons Fronts for Coaster Car Soap Box Car for Red Bull Race

Future Levers for Photo Shoot 'Mr. Cook' Urethane Full Figure KISS Coffin Front Doors Sculpture in Clay Test Robot Suit Ringling Brothers Circus 134 Blue Unit X metal on resin space gun Memorial boots cast in resin and coated with bronze Movie prop bust cast in resin coated with bronze and black patina

3 Blind Mice 3 Blind Mice for Shrek Themed Holiday Show 3 Blind Mice for Shrek Themed Holiday Show Body Cast Prop for Commercial. Seams Finished on Set. Gauntlet for Level Up / Cartoon Network Latex and Foam Lizard Boots for NYC Comic Con Majic Leap Character Costume Elements for NYC Comic Con Character for Majioc Leap

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