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Life & Body Casting
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Sculpture Duplication and Molds

AFX studios Inc specializes in master mold fabrication for low run parts, as well as high volume casting operations.


Let us help choose an appropriate material for the job at hand. Some jobs only require a simple block mold while others involve multiple sections and complex outer housings.Your pattern design and casting materials selection will help determine the best course of action to insure clean pulls and long mold life.


We offer a vast range of material choices and mold fabrication techniques. We provide mold manufacture training and production consulting for molding and casting operations.


We can service low run parts manufacture suitable for inventor prototypes or high quality finished art pieces for artists seeking turnkey sculpture solutions.


Please contact us to discuss your mold and casting needs.


Mold Making & Casting Services

  • Waste molds
  • Plaster, gypsum, FGR molds
  • RTV molds (silicon, urethane)
  • Latex and foam molds for concrete veneer stone
  • FDA approved mold for food. (RTV, machined HTPE, thermoform)
  • Fiberglass and epoxy molds
  • Life and body cast molds
  • CNC milled molds
  • Thermo form molds (ABS, PETG, KYDEX, SENTRA, & HTPE)
  • Welding & Machining
  • Filled resins (urethane and polyester)
  • Fiberglass
  • Silicon parts
  • Latex parts
  • Urethane foam parts (rigid or flexible)
  • Pressure cast parts (bubble free or clear parts)
  • Rotocasting
  • Plaster or gypsum parts
  • Lost Wax / Fine Art Bronze Casting
  • Powder Coating, Metal Coating & Electroplating
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Resin Casting with Custom Iron and Bronze Patina Finish Ultracal 30 Muti Part Mold Rigid Urethane Shell with Flexible Urethane Liner Urethane Molds for Cast Cement Urn Mold Silicon Mold and Sample Resin Casts HDPE Mold and Urethane Block Pour

Urethane Mold for Cement Roof Tiles Platinum Silicon for Translucent Pressure Casting Urethane Mold and Luminore Bronze and Fiberglass Part Silicon Mold for Furniture Parts Mass Production Latex and Urethane Mold for Concrete Veneer Latex Molds Silicon Demo Mold for Toy Parts

Rubber Weapons Molds Silicon Weapon Molds Rapid Prototype Molds Resin Part In Silicon Mold Parts Test Mold HDPE Candle Master Molds HDPE Candle Master Molds

HDPE Candle Master Molds Wood Pattern Lathe Turned Part Master Molds and Vacuum Die for Low Run Plastic Parts Mold and Die for Vacuum Tools for Kydex Manufactured Armor Clay Corrections To Vacuum Tooling Mold Manufacture Human Torso Master Mold and Vacuum Tool

Multipart Fiberglass and Silicon Mold Urethane Resin Casts Brush Up Silicon Molds of Life Size Dinosaur Sculpture Angle Award. Master Parts made in Wood, Silicon Molded, Pressure Cast Clear, and Bronze Coated Cast Urethane Parts Sculpture Duplication and Finish Resin Cast and Metal Finish

Resin Cast with Copper and Nickel Finish Box Molds and Resin Cast Urethane Casts Full Body Cast Silicone FX Gloves with Urethane Hand Core Medical Silicon Body Cast Medical Silicon Full Head Cast

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